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Our tips : La Maison Papillons

La Maison Papillons : Just Magic!

Olivier and Caroline, nature and animal lovers, have found their “rare pearl” in this unspoilt region of mass tourism. Magnificent Mas in Montclus, classified “One of the most beautiful village in France”.
The Butterflies House is a splendid guest house located in an exceptional environment. Recently renovated by Caroline and Olivier with taste and refinement “The Butterflies House” offers you in summer or on request in the year, accommodation for the week or weekend for a capacity of 12/18 people. They will receive you with the kindness and the poetry that characterize them.

Caroline and Olivier? We love them!

Plus d’infos : http://lamaisonpapillons.fr/     https://www.instagram.com/lamaisonpapillons/


They inspire us : Glenn MURCUTT architect

All we love ! Glenn MURCUTT australien architecte

Born July 25, 1936 in London, Glenn MURCUTT is an Australian architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 2002. Glenn Murcutt, is known for its integrated homes. Glen Murcutt lives in Sydney and is the first Australian to win the award.

He defends the idea of ​​an architecture with minimal impact on the environment. Although his buildings are often far from cities, which conflicts with the principles of sustainable architecture, his projects and the bioclimatic techniques he has invented and developed in them are an inspiring example.

Glenn Murcutt’s work is on a human scale. The materials he uses, such as corrugated iron, are quite ordinary. Glenn Murcutt is an idealist who decided to work alone to achieve his goals. His plans are influenced by the terrain and climate of his native Australia.

Glenn Murcutt has been and still is a huge source of inspiration!

Out-of-the-ordinary place : L’épicerie du Cloître in Arles

Miam miam sympa ! Nice place to be!

In a small shady place, Open Box is a tavern where you can prepare original tapas in the form of “bento” to be savored at the counter or on the terrace! You will also find a grocery corner: vinegars, sauces, spices … but also homemade cans (fish from the Conserveira de Lisboa, Italian vegetables, etc.) to eat on the spot or take home! The small plates are often elaborated with the superb organic vegetables of the Chassagnette

It’s really a nice and friendly place. We love it!

Open every night of the week and at noon on weekends

Tél : 04 88 09 10 10 lepicerie@hotel-cloitre.com