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Our Partners

Our partners are, as we, passionate about what they do! We share a sensitiviy for architecture, design, the arts and the environment. Our partners are firmly attached to where they live yet open to the world. It will be their pleasure to accompany you with all the professionalism that characterizes them.

Our partners are experts in their field: actors in the wood and renewable energy sector, architects, craftsmen, artists, designers, graphic designers, landscapers, photographers, decoration professionals, home equipment professionals, …


Benoit Gillet.  Architect

“Designing, building and then living in my architect degree…”. The history of the Benoit Gillet Architect Agency begins in 1997 by the building his own home: a DIY experiment of a mixed construction Metal & Wood, under considerable economic constraint, a reality which affects most construction candidates.  A specialist in the wooden and bioclimatic house, he considers himself a craftsman.  Benoit, the nature lover, is particularly concerned with providing his clients a peaceful and comfortable dwelling place.

Contact: Benoit Gillet Architecte


Différence Bois – Thomas RAMPONY et Stéphane TRONCY

The company Différence Bois, headed by Daniel REBAUBIER was Benoit Gillet Architect Agency’s first partner in 1997 when he constructed “the caban in the woods”. The succession of the company, result of a family passion for wood, has just been taken over by two young entrepreneurs. Thomas RAMPONI et Stephane TRONCY are civil engineers but above all wood-lovers too. The company specialises in the construction of wood houses respectful the environment.  In 2003 DIFFERENCE BOIS received an award for a project designed by Benoit Gillet Architect, (Contemporary Architecture CAUE du Gard). DIFFERENCE BOIS offers a variety of wood house constructions: extensions and wood terraces.

Contact: Différence Bois


OSI design – Gérard DUCHEIX

OSI design was born from the passion for design and architecture of its creator Gérard DUCHEIX.  A long journey in Australia and the idea of designing shade sails became an evidence.  The core business of OSI DESIGN is the shade sail and architectural layout. If architects, designers and artists so request they will also produce or provide furniture, architectural elements, cables, gabions, planters and sculptures.  All are unique or limited editions.  In 2014 Stéphanie joins Gérard in the adventure and OSI design and they create a decoration shop.

Contact: Osi Design



Patrick LATREILLE studied at L’Ecole du Patrimoine in Avignon, his other studies included graphic design and the cinema.  A house painter, but also an artist in his spare time, Patrick a sea-lover, has no equal when it comes to sublimating a place! From floor to ceiling, inside and outside, using lime, earth, polished concrete or naturel pigments, his sensitivity, feeling for light and mastery of traditional techniques will seduce you. When deciding to renovate a dwelling the first thing people think of is colour. Anybody can give a room a lick of paint! Unfortunately, the truth is far more complex. Patrick is here to avoid disaster.  Charred Sienna, Prussian Blue, Powder Pink, Aquamarine, Marigold or Sunshine invigorate the atmosphere and, why not, Black for classic chic. Dare colour with Patrick and in a few paint-strokes your dreams, both indoor and outdoor, will come true.

Contact: Peinture Latreille


Les Paysages Du Midi – Alexandre REMON

Alexandre REMON’s first passion was the mountains, above all he likes to be in the great outdoors! Trained to work in a National Park, then an internship in green spaces led him to create his own company, Les Paysages du Midi. Dictated by a strong environmental sentiment, the company works with qualified employees, every day they take part in the development and upkeep of territorial landscapes.  The company carries out outdoor development not only for private clients, individuals, promoters, major retailers but also for public sponsors.  What characterizes the company’s approach? “We want to give the impression we have not been there, to give the feeling of being in an environment as naturel as possible, from the surrounding landscape up to the front of the house.”

Contact: Paysages du Midi


Olivier GIRAULT Artiste Peintre

After studying graphic art in Paris Olivier GIRAULT began his career as an illustrator, collaborating with well-known clients. He produced the illustrations for the “Chef”s Pourcel brothers’ cookbook

Life brings him to the Mediterranean area, more precisely the Cevennes Piedmont.  Here he discovers nature deep and intact, an incredible light and logically the artist turns to painting.

Contact: Olivier Girault


 Mr Cup Studio – Fabien BARRAL

Fabien BARRAL, Mr Cup, is a happy french graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from all over the world. He runs the “graphic-exchange” blog, a popular online venue for creatives.  He learned his trade as an agency art director, working on projects for large corporations.

After years working under his own name he now develops his own products under the Mr-Cup pseudonym… In 2012 he visits Asia with family to see what life has to offer and to meet the Balinese craftsmen working with them on wood products…After a year and a half of a ‘bobo’ life he comes back to France.

Fascinated by letterpress printing, he collaborates with printers to produce a limited edition annual calendar sold exclusively on his website.  He designed the first edition but since 2015 he has worked with worldwide creatives and uses crowdfunding to finance the project. He has been invited to both Australia and the States to tell his story on the stage.

In 2014 Fabien BARRAL launches a new project with his wife: the first french magazine on the gluten free way of life.  A few months later comes, with a life-long friend, the creation of a new company to produce a real printed design magazine sharing stories about creative people: Walter Magazine: a dream come true! Once again he funds it with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Contact: Mr Cup


Pierre BAUMANN Plastic Artist

Visual artist, sculptor, photographer, draftsman, art researcher, writer, creator…

What do we want to do with Art? Pierre BAUMAN wishes to re-think how we do and use art, as an experimental experience. Pierre, an epicurean, outstanding cook, is trying to open all the fields of this discipline, to surpass the systematic academic research and go elsewhere.  His project upholds the concept that ‘art’ – because it is an experience, a philosophy of gesture – holds in and by itself its own theory.  To do is to think.   Thinking is taking, retaking, learning and undertaking.

This synthesis of empowerment fits fully into the field of visual arts. We do not dissociate what is the creation and the theory of art. Central to Pierre’s concept : the creation of a house and the life that will be led there.

Contact: Pierre Baumann


Métalu d’Oc – Julien CHARLES

Julien CHARLES, Compagnon du Devoir du Tour de France, dynamic young entrepreneur, replaced his father in the family-owned, human-sized, metal and iron work business.  Julien likes locksmithing and metalwork but his passion is for forging.  Metalu d’Oc is recognised for its innovative designs, complete technical know-how and its state-of-the art mechanical-tool park, all at the service of architects and decorators.

Contact: Métalu d’Oc


Jardins Gecko – Jean-Jacques DEBOUX

Jean-Jacques DEBOUX graduated in plastic arts and landscaping. He offers a new type of garden truly adapted to the Mediterranean region. What ever your choice :

ecological, gravel, dry, contempory, romantic, natural, Japanese-inspired or Provencal, his landscaping agency will offer you the creation of an unique, intimate and ecological garden.

Contact: Jardin Gecko


Metallerie Design Creation – Christophe ILDEBERT et Nicolas VERDIER

After their Tour de France, Christophe ILDEBERT and Nicolas VERDIER, Compagnons du Devoir, decide to create their own workshop to produce and  put into practice their know-how for any project requiring the study, design and creation of objects made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Contact: Métallerie Design Création


Patrick Eoche Photographer

Patrick EOCHE, photographer, speciality : wooden houses. Patrick specialises in photo-reporting construction with a soft spot for wooden houses.  He has photographed them all over France and many of his subjects have been published in specialist magazines. He is also one of Benoit Gillet Architect’s first partners, co-authors of many articles in prestigious magazines. Patrick now has also turned to the new technologies for energy saving: solar panels, insulation using ecological materials etc…

Contact: Patrick Eoche


Concept Design – Sergiy NESTERENKOS

Sergiy NESTERENKOS another wood-lover and expert in high-end furniture. Sergiy made his first appearance working for a luxury kitchen specialist company. He is THE Corian and interior space specialist.  Quiet and attentive, no one can equal him, whatever your project: kitchen layout, bathroom, indoor or outdoor furniture to measure, he will create it in a perfect balance of simplicity and harmony.

Contact: Sergiy Nesterenkos


Un jour Un Objet – Concept Store – Corinne BERARD

Corinne BERARD concretized her dream when she opened her concept store “Un Jour Un Objet Concept”.  Corinne’s strength is her sensitivity, her feel for aesthetics, her love of design and architecture all of which transpire in her concept shop.  Her style? Here you will find a jewel, a sofa, raw and natural materials, either elegant contemporary objects or handmade limited editions, a whole universe of colour to suit a lifestyle be it Scandinavian or ethnic, a cultural mix.  Her spirit? To create a warm atmosphere where human relationships are privileged over the purely mercantile aspect.  Corinne has her own idea of what a shop should offer. Out of curiosity push the door open and discover her universe where friendliness is paramount. Her definition of an object?  It should accompany, inspire or reassure us, either simple or sophisticated, to offer or share. Simple things, pretty material, not over famous brand names, that go straight to the heart.

Functional but beautiful everyday objects that touch us, have a history…Welcome to Corinne’s world!

Contact: Un Jour Un Objet



Derrière le Pendle Project se cache un citoyen du monde amoureux de Marseille, un ancien windsurfeur pro, un géo trouve-tout, rieur et spontané qui va au bout de ses envies. Les seuls bancs qu’il n’a pas séchés sont ceux de l’école de la vie. Il en retire maintenant tous les diplômes.

Fabien Pendle naît et grandi en Angleterre, passe sa jeunesse du côté de Montpellier, s’installe à Tarifa, passe quelques temps à Hawaii et parcours le monde avant de venir se poser à Marseille sa ville de cœur, où il fonde une famille. Encore adolescent, c’est dans l’Hérault qu’il découvre le windsurf en compagnie de son frère Mathieu. Mordu par le côté fun de ce nouveau sport, il y consacre tout son temps libre et décide même d’arrêter l’école pour percer dans le sport. Il progresse très rapidement jusqu’à intégrer le team professionnel Fanatic qui lui donne les moyens de ses ambitions au niveau français et international.  Champion de France de Windsurf en 1989, 6ème mondial en 1992, il se fait connaître dans les vagues, puis en slalom et enfin en course racing dans les années reine de ce sport marqué par une débauche d’équipements et de développement technologiques.

« Si je ne perce pas dans le sport, je serai ébéniste » avait déclaré Fabien à ses parents au moment d’arrêter l’école à 16 ans. Des premières maquettes d’avion en balsa faites avec son père bricoleur et inventeur, il garde en effet depuis les débuts son amour pour le bois et le métal qui vont devenir sa signature. C’est à l’invitation de l’entrepreneur Michel Gamet qu’il va faire montre de tout son talent pour aménager les boutiques de la marque Kulte qui a décidé d’étendre son réseau de distribution un peu partout en France. Il décide d’y travailler le contre-plaqué de façon ludique, fonctionnelle et personnalisable pour coller au plus prêt à l’univers de la marque marseillaise. S’en suivront la création de structures démontables pour l’Open club de l’Olympique de Marseille, des voiles d’ombrages utilisant un système de poulies éprouvé dans l’univers nautique, et bien d’autres innovations guidé par le bon sens et ses expériences. Aujourd’hui l’actualité, du Pendle Project c’est une gamme d’éléments de mobilier (montants, caissons et étagères) en 3 tailles à assembler très facilement selon vos envies et besoins. Une collection 100% made in France.

ContactPendle Project