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Elie Gillet, membre de l'équipe Les Archineurs


Elie Gillet, the lawyer girl, always smiling.

Elie is at the origin of the project, without her nothing possible.

Graduate in business law, corporate lawyer in real estate investment, Elie is our legal base as well as our young touch connected. Elie will share with you her state of the art knowledge on new technical and legal regulations.

Elie is also our digital miss! The explosion of smartphones, tablets and the emergence of instant messengers type Messenger or WhatsApp requires us to be always connected.

Elie perfectly masters the myriad of digital tools, including social networks. Elie gives the agency’s skills necessary to understand the digital universe offered by the portals of ads, essential to give a better visibility to our properties.

Elie, is also our relay with our partners abroad.

Contact:  +33 (0)6 17 41 07 39

Elie Gillet, membre de l'équipe Les Archineurs


Benoit Gillet, father and architect, discreet and efficient.

Manager of the architectural firm Benoit Gillet Architect for 20 years, he is a specialist in the individual house, bioclimatic, and specialist in the wood house. He has no equal to sublimate a place, in all simplicity.

In addition to being creative, Benoit has a great sense of listening, observation and excellent self-control, to work in harmony with his clients, craftsmen, and all other partners in the realization of ‘a project.

Benoit has seen his achievements many times awarded. His artistic side is strengthened by his solid technical skills. To carry out an architectural project, knowing how to draw is good but is not enough. You will benefit from Benoit’s know-how of regulations, technical management, and financial project.

Contact:  +33(0)6 11 23 04 53

Frédérique Damon-Gillet, membre de l'équipe Les Archineurs


Frédérique Damon-Gillet, mother and commercial director, occupational psychologist…

Connected to 2,000 volts, Frédérique is always up for a good laugh, and also co-manager of the architectural firm Benoit Gillet Architect. Freelance human resources consultant for 20 years, Frédérique will use her experience in the operational support of men and companies to meet your needs, with the punch, responsiveness, and « joie de vivre » that characterize her.

Frédérique is passionate about gardens, lighting and chairs. Frédérique reads specialist press a lot: decoration, news, lifestyle … Every week she sends Benoit to fetch her all sorts of magazines! It’s her little ritual of Monday to start the week or Friday to gently prepare her weekend! Frédérique is a tireless searcher, who has “the eye” to find the rare and exceptional place, especially for you.

Contact:  +33 (0)6 26 85 22 94

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