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Our History

les Archineurs, is the story of a family, passionate about architecture and, … network.

les Archineurs want you to share their dreams and to accompany you in your favorite project!

The story begins in the 80s. Benoit meets Frédérique and his dog Wax, thanks to a good waves session by South East wind at La Grande Motte. These 2 young people, more windsurfers than students were made to meet …

In 1997. Benoit Gillet, a young architect, finds a piece of land, lost in the woods, with an exceptional view. He builds, a cozy crow’s nest for his family : the treehouse: a metal framed house on stilts and clad with wood. The project of his diploma of architecture, and his student dream come true, an ultra-avant-garde project in the 90s.

In parallel he creates his architecture agency. He specializes in the realization of individual houses, both bioclimatic, and wooden constructions. In 2007, Frédérique Damon Gillet, his wife, then HR consultant joins him, the beginning of a long architectural collaboration.

… 20 years later, a few parties shared, children ‘flown’, an architecture agency “en route”, Frédérique,chivves Benoit reminding him of his dreams of construction when a young student in architecture. Benoit and Frédérique, decide to sell the house, to live new adventures!
Once the house is sold, Benoit and Frédérique restore old agricultural farm in the center of the village, and make them their new “home sweet home”. Frédérique had long dreamed of living in an old house full of character.

Benoit draws up the project, accompanies its realization, Frédérique takes care of the interior design.
Old stone, wood, metal, a spirit inside / outside to enjoy the small garden, a resolutely contemporary feeling in keeping with the soul of the building …
But that was without counting on all the new ideas! Benoit and Frédérique, still windsurf lovers, have other projects in mind, and now dream of living in a fishing village at the edge of the water … Frédérique au Grau du Roi, …. Benoit in the Canary Islands !!!!

But then why the creation of the agency Les Archineurs?

Elie, the daughter of Benoit and Frédérique, become lawyer, and specialist in real estate crowfunding , initiates the project. She proposes to join their skills to create an agency looking like their family: just as “at home”, the door is always open, and we rely on our differences”.

Selling a unique property, unusual, out of the ordinary, is complicated! Not easy to find the right person to accompany you. Someone who is both trustworthy and understanding and yet sufficiently expert to speak about architecture, design, garden, way of life but also interior design, renovation … Finding a “different” real estate, out of the ordinary, when you are in the province, or in the countryside, far from Paris and its modern “hypervie”, is not easy either.

The sale of the house was an opportunity for Elie, Benoit and Frédérique to think their way of living and working together. From Benoit and Frédérique’s collaboration within the architecture agency, and with their own experience of selling a home, plus Elie’s solid law training and property investment experience, was born the idea of creating a real estate agency, new generation. An agency all at once artisanal, provincial, back to basics, and yet at the same time attentive to new architectural trends, open minded and connected to the world, with ease.

The agency les Archineurs is especially renowned for its expertise in architecture and its ability to surround itself with the best professional partners.

Elie, Benoit, Frédérique, and all of their partners, welcome you!