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les Archineurs, THE real estate agency of tomorrow: an architecture and real estate agency all in one.

les Archineurs present you, a collection of real estate TO LIVE IN or TO UPDATE, carefully selected for their personality or their architectural potential, in south of France. Our choices are always made because WE love them!

Our properties TO LIVE IN are houses that inspire us. These are architectures that speak to us, whether they are old houses renovated in a contemporary spirit, as well as contemporary houses with a more refined design, houses in an exceptional environment, lofts, artists’ studios, revisited apartments. by interior designers, or simply properties of high architectural quality.

Our real estate TO UPDATE, are often unsuspected, that our informed eye knows how to identify, and whose potential we will be able to highlight. These properties, can be raw surfaces to develop, houses with character, land  exceptionally situated or with a breathtaking view , all properties with architectural potential to develop. But it can also be, houses with architectural style requiring renovation work.

We accompany you to make your dream come true …

A tailor-made service, from idea to realisation, to give you advice and find solutions in the project of your life

We cultivate an attentive ear to create the conditions of a personalized accompaniment