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They inspire us : Glenn MURCUTT architect


All we love ! Glenn MURCUTT australien architecte

Born July 25, 1936 in London, Glenn MURCUTT is an Australian architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 2002. Glenn Murcutt, is known for its integrated homes. Glen Murcutt lives in Sydney and is the first Australian to win the award.

He defends the idea of ​​an architecture with minimal impact on the environment. Although his buildings are often far from cities, which conflicts with the principles of sustainable architecture, his projects and the bioclimatic techniques he has invented and developed in them are an inspiring example.

Glenn Murcutt’s work is on a human scale. The materials he uses, such as corrugated iron, are quite ordinary. Glenn Murcutt is an idealist who decided to work alone to achieve his goals. His plans are influenced by the terrain and climate of his native Australia.

Glenn Murcutt has been and still is a huge source of inspiration!