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SOLD – So Graphic : Contemporary architect house in a village near Arles and Nîmes


An architect house in a village near Arles

Armand Pellier was a famous sculptor and designer in the 70s. Robert Prohin, was his successor and the architect in charge of the project. The challenge was to design an extension, as an independant unit of life, perserving Armand PELLIER’s spirit.

This House offers 200m2 of living space. It is build in a L form, with 2 levels. The spacious living room en the DRC, is widely opened and bathed in light  It is organized in different living spaces. It includes a lounge area, a fireplace in the DRC, a dining area, a kitchen . 

Upstairs, there are 3 bedrooms and bathroom, including a parental suite with a fantastic view on the garden and the top of the trees…


Arles :15mns, Nîmes :20 mns, and Montpellier :55mns.

Our favorite for, graphic and timelesse lines, as Robert Prohin would say, « a dream of eternity” »

Contact : Frédérique +33 06 26 85 22 94 – contact@les-archineurs.com